October 20, 2021 – Noon to 1:00 P.M.

CCMC presents an ethical training titled, “Who’s the Victim:  Management of TBI in MVA” Presented by Ellen Mitchell.

On a rainy November day, DG, an undocumented day laborer employed as a bike food delivery worker is riding along a busy avenue, in the bike lane.  Suddenly, a 68-year-old male, SV, experiences a CVA (Stroke).  He loses control of his SUV and careens into DG.  DG is thrown from his  bicycle, resulting in a TBI. Both are taken to the same area hospital and placed in the Neuro ICU…

In this session, we will develop this case study and explore ethical considerations for the case management of the TBI client involved in a MVA.  The CM will be challenged to identify and resolve ethical conflicts identified in caring for both parties, both of whom suffer a brain injury and one of whom is undocumented.