May 17, 2021 – 1:00-2:15 PM

Title:  “Multi-modal Approach to the Management of Acute Concussions” Presented by Dr. John Garlick, DPT, OCS and Dr. Amity Rubeor, DO, CAQSM

School Nurses, ATs, PTs & others interested Cost: FREE for school nurses or $10 for school nurses to receive a CEU*; all others are at regular conference prices

There is a need in Rhode Island to standardize the approach to acute concussion management in order to ensure a timely and safe return to prior level of function. This includes early identification and intervention, as well as a team approach, in order to properly manage each induvial back to their prior level of function. In the ideal situation school faculty including teachers, nurses and coaches will be skilled in being able to identify a possible concussion based on general symptoms and student behavior in order to promptly refer that student to their physician or a physical therapist who specializes in concussion management. In this session, there will be discussion of the role of the physical therapist in the management of acute and chronic concussions including early education and reassurance, physical exertion testing, assistance with return to sport/learn, as well as programs for early detection and proper management including a more robust baseline testing.

*underwritten by RI DOH for school nurses.